Welcome to the AERO Alternative Alumni website!

The concept here is very simple. This site is not just for you to meet up with the alumni from your school, although you can do that. We have created this site because we know that nearly all people who have experienced learner-centered educational alternatives still believe in the concept. This site will give you the opportunity and ability to make a contribution to the ongoing movement. You will be able to hear about new alternatives that are created in your community. You will hear about brave alternatives that are in political or financial crisis and might need your help. You’ll be able to jump in and do something if you wish.

You’ll be able to organize the alumni from your school or post notices about situations you have heard about. This site site has been designed to be proactive, but how much is strictly up to you. There is no cost to join but people will be asked from time to time to help or contribute in various ways. We hope to have a regular Alternative Alumni e newsletter.

The Alternative Education Resource Organization which sponsors this site is a nonprofit, originally founded in 1989. Its mission is to make learner centered, empowering education available to people everywhere. AERO helps people find, change and create educational alternatives, including homeschooling and homeschool resource centers. Its site, is the main networker of educational alternatives around the world. Among other things it has lists of over 500 member schools and organizations, 200 democratic schools and dozens of higher education alternatives. It also has an annual conference, school starter courses in English and Spanish, an on-line bookstore, etc. It has print and video archives. Its content changes daily.



To create an account you need to click on the register link at the top of the screen or on the “register” button. Fill in the information that pops up and then fill in the capsha code (to prevent spammers).

If you want to add a new school go to “schools” and then “create a group.” Then put in the school or group name and description. You can also add the school’s website.

You can then invite people to the group from the site or e mail them separately.  They can join or you can join an existing group by just clicking on “join group.” To invite from the site go to “send invite” and follow instructions.

You can send a new message to your group by just writing in the text box.

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